Video statistics

Before you begin

You must log in to your Confluence instance with global system administrator permission to be able to carry out the following steps.

Once the app is installed, it will add menu items to the admin section. Switch to the Confluence global administration by clicking on the cog icon on the top right of the header bar.

Go to the menu item Video statistics in the section Videos for Confluence on the Confluence administration interface.

Direct link:
<your Confluence base URL>/admin/plugins/videos-for-confluence/admin-stats.action

Video statistics

The Video statistics page is for your information only. It provides statistics on the number of videos a) on your entire Confluence platform and b) in the various spaces.

In case you are using the AWS storage type:

In this case Confluence’s temp directory is used to temporarily store the uploaded videos locally before uploading them to the S3 bucket. The statistics page, in this case, also lists the size of the Confluence temp directory.

As with every type of content in Confluence, it may be worth considering regular housekeeping activities such as scanning the spaces with the largest size of all videos in order to keep the overall used storage under control.

We are working on more housekeeping features for upcoming releases to keep your stock of videos manageable.