Troubleshooting and getting support

Before you begin

You must log in to your Confluence instance with global system administrator permission to be able to carry out the following steps.

Once the app is installed, it will add menu items to the admin section. Switch to the Confluence global administration by clicking on the cog icon on the top right of the header bar.

Adjust logging settings

In order to turn on logging for Videos for Confluence go to the system setting Logging and Profiling.

Direct link: <your Confluence base URL>/admin/viewlog4j.action.

Under Class/Package Name enter com.bitperium.vfc, and set the logging level to TRACE or ALL.

Please note that these settings will not be persisted, i.e. you will have to adjust the setting again in case of restarting Confluence. For more information, please cf. the official Atlassian documentation.

Getting support

Our support is at your service via our Service Desk.

With logging activated as described above, please reproduce any potential error. Please create a support zip and attach it to the support ticket. This will help us a lot to reproduce, analyze and solve any issue which may arise. Thank you in advance!