Defining filters

Videos for Confluence currently features two global filters - for categories and for target groups - the values of which are to be defined by global system administrators. The purpose of these filters is to guarantee that videos can be classified and searched for consistently throughout the entire platform.

Before you begin

You must log in to your Confluence instance with global system administrator permission to be able to carry out the following steps.

Once the app is installed, it will add menu items to the admin section. Switch to the Confluence global administration by clicking on the cog icon on the top right of the header bar.

Go to the menu item Filter Configuration in the section Videos for Confluence on the Confluence administration interface.

Direct link:
<your Confluence base URL>/admin/plugins/videos-for-confluence/admin-filter.action

Video filter

The administration is identical for categories and target groups.

You are certainly free to use these filters in any way applicable in your organization.

One way would be to create categories to classify your videos and target groups to define the addressed audience. Here are some examples from the top of our heads:

  • categories: event / talk, webinar / training / tutorial, product presentation, company culture, executive message, brand film, interview, VLOG, …

  • target groups: customers, employees / associates, executives, business, IT, department A / B / C, project 1 / 2 / 3, …

Add a value

To add a value hit Add and enter a label in the pop-up.

Edit a value

Select the icon to change the label. Please note that the change will also affect all values which were already assigned to videos.

Delete a value

Click on the icon to delete the value. Deletion will also remove the value from all videos.