Videos for Confluence - Cloud

Videos for Confluence is now also available for Confluence Cloud!
We are constantly expanding the functionality in order to reach feature parity with the datacenter version.

Admin guide

Installing the app

Install Videos for Confluence by going to the settings of your Confluence Cloud instance and selecting “Find new apps” via the Atlassian marketplace. Search for “Videos for Confluence”. Click on the app tile and try it free or directly install the app.

Configuring the app

Once the app is installed, you will see a menu item labelled “Videos configuration” in the “Atlassian Marketplace” section. Your videos will be stored in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. Please enter the following data for your AWS account:

  • Access key

  • Secret key

  • S3 bucket name

  • Region

Please note that additional AWS cost will be incurred by storing videos in the configured S3 bucket.

To generate the access key in AWS go to Identity and Access Management (IAM) and select the item Users. Create or choose a user with the policy Amazon S3 Full Access. Go to Access Keys and hit Create Access Key.

Please make sure to adjust the CORS settings for your S3 bucket in AWS. See our detailed instructions on how to prepare your S3 bucket for Videos for Confluence.

User guide

Videos for Confluence currently provides the following features for Confluence Cloud:

  • Uploading and editing videos

  • Accessing videos in the video overview of any space

  • Embedding videos on pages.

Uploading and editing videos

Once the app is installed in your Confluence Cloud instance, you will see an entry “Videos” in the app section of the space navigation:

Click on the navigation item and upload your first video by hitting the “Upload video” button. Enter a title and an optional description for your video, select the video file to upload and click on “Create”.

The video will be displayed directly on the video overview page. If you click the preview of the video, you will be transferred to the video detail page where it is possible

  • to watch the video by clicking the play button.

  • to edit the title and description by clicking the “Edit” button.

  • to delete the video by clicking the “Delete” button.

Accessing videos in the video overview of any space

The “Videos” entry in space navigation always shows an overview of all videos uploaded to the specific space. Videos behave just like any other content in your Confluence Cloud space and are ruled by the same permissions as pages. This means that the space permissions to “Add” or “Delete” pages also govern the handling of videos (upload / creation and deletion of videos).

Embedding videos on pages

In order to embed a video on a page, use the “Videos” macro by entering “/videos” in the edit mode for a page. Choose the respective video by entering its ID (see above) in the macro configuration.