Embedding videos on pages

Space or global videos can be included on Confluence pages with the help of the Embed Videos for Confluence macro.

Switch to edit mode on the page of your choice and insert the macro by

  • hitting the + icon the the editing toolbar and selecting “Other macros”. Browse the category “Media” or search for “videos” to find the macro.

  • starting to type “{videos” directly on the page and selecting the macro from the offered options.

Double click the macro to edit its settings:

  • search for the video to be embedded, or upload a new video via the provided link.

The search functionality only retrieves videos from your current space and global videos. It doesn’t list videos from other spaces - which might be accessible to you but not to other users of your current space,.

  • select the size of the video (small, medium, large), choose to display a link only or enter a custom size.

  • tick the option to include the video attributes (number of likes, favorite icon, upload timestamp and the video description).

To select a video, click and mark it on the right pane of the macro.

The preview of the selected video will be shown on your page, and the video itself can be directly watched by anyone accessing your page.