Project Specific Field Names for Jira


Re-use your Jira custom fields with project specific tailoring

  • Create one custom field of the required type (e.g. a number or text field) and use it throughout the platform

  • Let project admins define the name and description of the custom field - per project and issue type

  • Let users work with the project specific fields without any need for additional explanations

Custom fields in Jira can be a pain: every project wants its own fields, yet they are complex to administer and may negatively impact performance as their number increases. Using the same custom field for varied projects is usually not an option since the purpose of a field is determined by its name and description - and at least the name can only be defined globally and identically for all projects on the platform - until now!

What if a single custom field could actually be customized per project? Let’s go with a number field. A generic name, such as “number field 1” will leave project admins unhappy. Due to the lack of context information they need to explain to their users to use it for, let’s say, an accounting reference in project A and a cost estimation in project B - although in both cases a number field is exactly what the projects need.

With Project Specific Field Names for Jira, project admins are able to bring the customization as well as semantic meaning back to custom fields: they define project and issue type specific names and descriptions for global custom fields.

Project A

Project B






Project Specific Field Names for Jira changes the names and descriptions of Jira-bundled custom fields on the user interface. There is no “magic” of any kind in the backend or the database. Summarizing the following, all directly user-facing screens are supported by our app. For other use cases, the app provides a mapping overview available to all project users.

Depending on customer demand, we are planning to enhance and extend the functionalities of Project Specific Field Names for Jira.

Supported fields

Jira-bundled custom fields including Jira Software fields (e.g. “Sprint”, “Story Points”)

App-specific custom fields

Supported screens

Issue create, view and edit screens


Jira Software boards (Scrum and Kanban)

Jira Software board configuration screens


Dashboard gadgets


Basic and advanced issue search