How to migrate to another storage type or location?


Videos for Confluence currently supports the storage of videos on a dedicated file system (local or mounted to the Confluence instances) or in an S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Videos for Confluence offers these storage options outside of the “normal” Confluence file system as video files tend to be larger in size… to say the least. As a Confluence system administrator you may not want to set the general file size limit to also cater for videos. Large files may fill up your storage more quickly than anticipated and they will definitely make any backup strategies more cumbersome and slow. These are the main reasons why it makes sense to offload videos to a dedicated storage.

Due to general changes of your Confluence infrastructure or due to the ever growing amounts of data it may become necessary to adjust the storage location or even the storage type configured for Videos for Confluence. The change itself is carried out via the administration interface:


After a change of the storage location or type, new videos will be uploaded to the new storage immediately. Videos which were uploaded prior to the change will break.

To state this clearly: If you change the storage location or type for Videos for Confluence without any further actions, all existing videos will break and will not be usable / editable / viewable any longer. You need to manually migrate the existing videos, and Videos for Confluence is unable to support this process within the scope of the purchased app license.

Videos for Confluence stores videos and the files generated for them in the following structure on the file system:

1 2 3 4 5 <space key> -- <video id> ---- <video file>.<video format> ---- <image preview>.png ---- <animated preview>.gif

Any references in the Confluence database are only relative so that copying the entire directory tree from the old storage location / type to the new storage location / type should keep existing videos intact.

At this point, Videos for Confluence is unable to support the migration between storage locations or types. Please make sure to back up your video data regularly, and to test any change or manual migration thoroughly and in advance.