How to enhance caching?


Videos for Confluence is using caches to enhance its performance. Depending on your storage configuration, one specific cache is used:

  • The Videos for Confluence Download Servlet Cache caches video thumbnails and the preview URLs.

  • The Videos for Confluence AWS Storage Cache caches video thumbnails, preview URLs and presigned URLs for the streaming from AWS.

You can find statistics on the cache usage and effectiveness on the Confluence admin area under Cache Statistics.


General information on cache performance tuning for Confluence can be found in the Atlassian documentation. Atlassian also describes how to generally adjust cache settings.

For Videos for Confluence we recommend to regularly check its caching. To this end go to Cache Statistics and switch to the Advanced View.

Direct link: <your Confluence base URL>/admin/cache/showStatistics.action#fullView.

In simplistic terms, you may want to adjust the cache size

  • if the Capacity Utilisation is very high

and / or

  • if the Current / Max Entries ratio is getting close to 1 (the initial maximum is 1.000 entries)

and / or

  • if you observe a mismatch between the statistics for Hit and Miss (especially a high number of misses).

To adjust the cache click on Adjust Size in the Advanced View and adjust the maximum number of elements.